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Regardless of who you are or where you are in life,


Your words flow directly from your soul. The way you describe others (and yourself, for that matter) directly effects the way you perceive them. As humans, we all experience the same emotions--- joy, sadness, loneliness, freedom, apathy, relief. By revealing our truest souls through the words we speak, through the questions we ask, we can be light-bearers, encouragers, agitators, and givers of love.     

This delicate art form of calligraphy allows me to do just that: to communicate all thoughts, from the deep and emotional to the encouraging and light, immortalizing them with pen and page, capturing them with clean design,

using beautiful things to express real things.

If you had told me last year that words were my weakness, my pride would’ve laughed at you. If you had told me my words would become a source of encouragement and inspiration for people globally, my insecurity would’ve laughed even harder.

Here’s the truth in a nutshell:

I struggled with validation and self-worth.

(And I still do.)

Growing up, I wanted for nothing material; I was that “perfect” Christian girl who excelled in school and met every expectation set before her. Rarely burdensome in behavior or speech, I was the ideal kid, and that became my identity. I resisted disappointment or disobedience, which led to the bottling of thoughts and feelings. It created fear in me as I avoided conflict, thus avoiding genuine relationship. Just say the right things and do the right things.

Don’t take risks. Play it safe.

Somewhere in my thirteen-year-old mind, I suppressed the idea that my words were important, and my thoughts, valid.  

Fast forward to January 2016, when my soul whispered, yes, to my Father. My desires and passions began to change radically to where I only sought to be where He led me. I was constantly forced to dig up the lies I’d been repressing and confront my scabbed up issues.

My fears were soon replaced with the truth:

I have unchanging value.

The validation I sought as a teen could only be satisfied in the reality of Christ’s adoration and affection for me, not in the approval of others.

And with that, I took the biggest risk of my life with complete peace, knowing my Father’s character. Before 2016 had reached autumn, I had dropped out of university, married my dearest, and taken a chancy move to Nashville to pursue creative entrepreneurship­, decisions that seemed completely ridiculous to just about everyone.

Which brings us to present day, where I’m the owner of a business primarily focused on sharing my words and thoughts; where each day requires faith and risk, and includes the possibility to be wrong and fail. How ironic. But isn’t that the crazy way God works?

My power is made perfect in weakness, He says.

I will make glorious the part of you that is the most broken,

the part of you that feels the most insufficient.

So with that, I chose a life of uncertainty, a life where I long for mystery and chase after the illogical, a life where I collect moments and move forward despite the ambiguity.

I chose a life where I value relationship over isolation and empathy over selfishness. I chose a life where I'll never be stagnant or set in my ways.

All with the hope that the dreams I imagine become the stories I tell.