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If you've floated around this website long enough, you've probably discovered that I love your words. I value your thoughts. You may have also realized that I take custom orders year round, which means you can always create personalized art to frame, hang up in your space, and inspire you. You can even give an encouraging quote or verse to your friends and family to build them up or let them know they're appreciated. What are you waiting for? I'm ready to make you something beautiful.

envelope calligraphy

Name a moment more special than receiving a letter or invitation in the mail. How many did you think of? Probably like 10 or 12, but that doesn't matter. Preserve the art of penmanship, starting with a beautiful, calligraphed envelope. You eat with your eyes first, if you know what I mean.

Wedding Vow & Love Letter Transcription

You probably don't need me to tell you why love notes are precious. What a beautiful way to remember the road you've walked with your dearest! Relive the moments you committed your lives to each other with stunning calligraphy. 

Lessons & workshops


Coming in 2017!