Equilibrium | Floral Illustration 002 + Story


I talk about my dreams with assurance. I believe in them. I take chances in life and relationship and art and words.

I see the dignity in people now and forgive easily and give more grace. Even to myself.

I’m less likely to beat myself up over the burdens I couldn’t bear. Sometimes you drop the things you’re carrying when the weight is too heavy or when you hold too many things. 

I’m releasing the pressure.

I don’t stick to plans for the plan’s sake anymore. I allow myself flexibility so I can hear the moment and be there.

I’m learning how to exist.

And breathe.

And recognize myself.


I started taking my time and giving myself margin, so I don’t feel the pressure of time like I used to.

I give my body what it needs like food and sleep and warmth. 

I look in the mirror, and I love my face and its shapes and proportions. It’s just a shell and I’m more beautiful when I take care of my soul.

I don’t need more than what I have. I might need less. I am grateful though.

My husband is sleeping, and he loves me. He sacrifices for me, and he’s gentle to me. He speaks to me with tenderness and respect. He speaks to me with an honest heart and pure intentions.


All this truth spoken is my true self. It’s a woman who isn’t afraid. A woman who laughs and cries and feels and calculates and plans and dreams and is not bound by this world and its eyes.

She is known and loved and adored,

So she keeps forward motion.

And I realized I wasn’t scared of the same things anymore.


Hey there!

Thanks for reading the story behind the art. Thanks for processing thoughts with me and helping my heart stay soft and open. This print is available in my Etsy shop! There's even a sticker version that might sell out really quickly. (LOL)

Much love for you,




An Introduction | Floral Illustration 001



I don’t know what season I’m in or how I’m to grow from this. My mind knows truth, but my heart is aching still. Vigor and excitement for Your love have escaped me, and I find myself unsure about where to find abiding joy.

And I realized that I don’t feel like myself because I’m changing. I don’t know myself because I’m not who I used to be. There’s dissonance. My heart is changing.

My needs are changing. 

I used to think I needed consistency & routine. And maybe I still do. But I’ve settled for just whatever routine came my way, rather than intentionally creating one that fills my soul. 

I need rest. I need space. I need a day for myself to feel clean and beautiful. I need to sit in the quiet. 

But I also need to let go so I can adjust. My expectations of myself need to change.

I need to learn to ask for help.

I need to start cutting excess out of my life.


And I realized I was happiest when cultivating a home. So I guess this is where I'll start.

F L O W E R S  |  astrantia, garden rose, eucalyptus, carnation, cosmos, & anemone


Hey, sweet friend!

Thanks for entering into my mind! Thanks for discovering a bit about my heart. These thoughts were swirling in my head as I drew the illustration now available in my shop. More to come as I embark on this journey of learning about myself,  exploring my dreams, and agreeing with the little nudges God places in my heart.

Love, Frani